Algolia Search Development

Forefront Infotech believes that the classification of web or mobile app depends on a multitude of factors. Inevitably, the searching experience becomes one of the primary indicators of reliability, robustness,and efficiency. We at Forefront Infotech are committed to raising the bar of technological advancements with the latest technologies on board.This applies to all aspects including your searching experience. In the technology world where content is becoming the king, it is essential that searching through various forms of data capitalizes on the scope of value addition in the overall user experience. Forefront Infotech has got you all the latest search engine solutions. They are seamless integration capabilities to be embedded within your software product.

How is Algolia Search useful for you?

Complete dedicated search engine solution
Extremely fast and reliable search
Suggestive research
“Search-on-the-go” experience for users
Wide search scope for relevant results
Best content retrieval
Content ranking and tagging system
Reliable keyword based search

Forefront Infotech Specialties

Fast setup & deployment
Creation and manipulation of relevant REST APIs
Fluent native-Algolia data migration
Comprehensive Algolia configuration & integration
Algolia indexing & prioritization
Data fetch and throw REST APIs
Algolia Search
Set far apart from the notion of traditional searching solutions based on Lucene or Solr, Algolia is the firepower answer to your search engine requirement within any content management or software system. Forefront Infotech has meticulously chosen it to be a part of your software product due to various reasons. It has a capability to act as a hosted multifaceted search engine solution that empowers users to bring out real-time results with keystrokes.
The ever-increasing efficiency is proven with the fact that it caters to billions of queries: many indexes, millions of records in a very short span of time. Moreover, they are delivered to you within less than 100ms. This is precisely where the skills of diligent developers at Forefront Infotech take the edge. They are capable of optimizing your search time for a magical user experience while you type.
Algolia Account Management & Pricing
Algolia is highly integral and allows the search engine solution to be embedded in an isolated environment.It also has a proper index containing structured and semi-structured records. One can use Algolia as a free open source resource,but it needs to be managed via an account which needs to be set up on the server. While smaller stores can go for the community addition free accounts, the heavy duty traffic storeslook for several options available at affordable paid subscriptions.
Account Type
Why Forefront Infotech uses Algolia Search?
If you delve deeper into the technology underneath, there are persuasive reasons to be fast and reliable. It hasproper indexing with its ability to cater the semi-structured data. We are committed to leaving no stone unturned for improving your user experience,and this super-fast searching solution helps us on the journey. Here is why we believe in Algolia:
Computation during indexing time instead of querying time
The broad scope of search reference
Response time less than 100 ms (generally)
Easy CRUD operations
Highly reliable
Where are you on this map? Let us know your needs in detail so we can help you come up with a solution and start out quickly.